Pruning the vine in Burgundy


When does pruning start ?

Pruning starts two weeks after the leaves have fallen. It takes up the whole winter and has to be finished before budburst at the end of March.

What does pruning consist in?

It consists in cutting the canes that have borne the year’s fruits.

What are the different pruning techniques in Burgundy?

We can find Simple Guyot, double Guyot, goblet pruning and Cordon.

The Guyot system was named after Dr Jules Guyot, a 19th century French scientist. In Simple Guyot, each vine has a six node fruiting cane located on the carrier wire as the main trunk. A two node spur is preserved.

Pruning is the most time consuming and important work in caring for the vine because it determines the future resistance and productivity of the vine.

The Pruning Anonymous

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